Mac Doctor is Boston iPhone Repair’s partner for tending to all your Macintosh and Apple computer needs. We provide in-home and drop-off service to repair your Mac, help you use your Mac more effectively, set up your wireless network, sync your iPhone or iPad with your Mac, upgrade your hard drive, recover your data, and more. We offer the best customer service experience in Boston, with speedy turnarounds and affordable prices.

On-Site & Drop-Off Service

Mac Doctor comes to you. There’s no need to lug your heavy iMac or Mac tower to and from a shop. Do you have a MacBook, iPad, or iMac in need of repair or upgrade? Use our drop-off service with 24-hour turnaround.

Premium Customer Service

Patience is the key to an excellent customer support experience. Mac Doctor has plenty of it. We pride ourselves on being able to explain difficult or confusing computer issues to people who don’t have a technical background. We’ll give you an honest answer and sound advice as if your equpiment were our own.

Creative Solutions

We use the same gear and applications you do. We have real-world experience using Macs in many of our customers’ professions, not just in a computer lab or read in a manual. Our well-rounded expertise gives us a unique insight into exactly what you use,
how you use it, and how to help you use it better.

Anyone can solve problems using a manual. However, it takes ingenuity and experience to troubleshoot problems that don’t fit the usual mold. We thrive on the challenge of the unusual. Mac Doctor doesn’t believe in Band-Aids. We’ll fix your problem and then move to maintain and repair your Mac with a preventive plan.

Hardware & Software Solutions

We’ll fix your cracked MacBook screen or the noisy fan in your iMac. We’ll install a larger hard drive and more RAM. Microsoft Word and other software crashing on you? Is your Internet slow, or does Safari or Firefox not work correctly? Mac Doctor knows just what to do to fix it all, fast.